Can A Small Copper Rice Machine Crush Chrome Copper?

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    Some users have some chrome copper material, chrome copper will also be interspersed with some plastic material, want to separate copper and plastic, chrome copper is a wear-resistant copper, the hardness is particularly good, chrome copper belongs to the high strength and high conductivity high softening point electrode alloy, small copper rice machine is able to crush chrome copper, small copper rice machine connected to the shredder, and the shredder knife plate is very sharp, can instantly swallow these chrome copper material, screening copper plastic, do not worry about the material Soft and hard degree, small copper rice machine with diversified functions, a machine with a wide range of applications, crushing copper wire aluminum wire or branded copper material is possible. Small copper rice machine separation effect of 99.8% of the material clean and free of impurities, small copper rice machine model complete, with small copper rice machine for crushing sorting, saving labor, environmental protection and efficient, the output can meet the requirements.

    Small copper rice machine is a material can be crushed copper wire, aluminum wire, copper plate, wire, cable equipment, the equipment is fully automated operation, the crushed material can be separated after the specific gravity of magnetic separation of the miscellaneous plastic and copper particles are screened separately, screening good materials can also be sent into the processing plant to improve profits, copper rice machine is simple to operate, stable and safe operation process, fast working efficiency, high output, need one or two people The copper rice machine is now seen by the public as a very recognisable piece of machinery and equipment, which not only solves the problem of rebuilding waste lines, but also brings a new direction to social development.