Double Shaft Shredder Machine

  • Feeding size: 100-2,600mm or customized

  • Production capacity: 400-60,000 kg/h

  • Applicable Materials : metal, plastic, tires, rubber, cloth, waste paper, wood, textiles, electronic waste, household waste, industrial waste, medical waste, solid hazardous waste, etc.

  • Application: plastics, tires, metals, paper-making, industrial waste, medical waste, electronic waste, wood processing, household waste and other industries.

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Double Shaft Shredder
Double Shaft Shredder Twin-shaft Shredders Twin-shaft Shredders Twin-shaft Shredders Twin-shaft Shredders

Scrap metal shredders application areas:

The twin shaft shredder can be applied to various industries of waste crushing and recycling

Scrap metal shredders applicable materials:

Electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels, pallets, etc.

Scrap metal shredders working principle:

1.The material enters the interior of the shredding box through the feeding system. The box carries the shredding blade. The material is shredded, squeezed, and sheared by the shredding blade. The shredded material is discharged into the lower part of the box.

2.For the two-shaft shredder, the type of blade is different according to different materials. The blade is divided into: one-claw, two-claw, four-claw and multi-claw blades, with thickness ranging from 10mm-80mm. According to the customer's materials and needs to design single-claw or multi-claw and different thickness blades. The installation form of the blade can be divided into: overall installation and detachable installation props (removable blades are recommended for models above XD1000, which is convenient for later blade replacement)

Scrap metal shredder product parameters:

Model  Power Knife thickness Rotating speed Dimensions Equipment Weight
(Kw) (mm) (rmp) (L*W*H mm) (kg)
 SG-600   7.5+7.5 30  15-24 2800*1300*1850 2300
SG-800 15+15 40 15-24 3200*1300*1950 3300
SG-1000 18.5+18.5 50 15-24 3200*1300*2000 5000
SG-1200 37+37 50 15-24 4000*1400*2300 8000

Applied Materials & Finished Product:

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