air-flow gravity sorting machine

  • Applied Materials: Our gravity separator machine is mainly used to make the double recycling use of metal and plastics from scrap wires. Used for various automotive wires, motorcycle lines. Battery Bicycle wires. TV wires, washing machines and refrigerator wires, air conditioners and other household appliances, telecommunications wires, computer wires, etc.

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Air Gravity Separator
Air Gravity Separator Air Gravity Separator

Air gravity separator product description:

It is applicable to all kinds of metal and non-metallic separation, powder materials, granular materials and mixed materials, which are separated and sorted according to gravity, particle size or shape. It is used in grain selection and impurity removal, beneficiation, chemical engineering, waste wires copper and plastics sorting, waste circuit boards copper powder and resin powder sorting, separation and reuse of waste metal with specific gravity difference and waste plastics with specific gravity difference and other industries.

Air gravity separator Application Field:

Airflow separators are mainly used in many industries such as mineral processing, chemical industry, and waste recycling.

Air gravity separator Applied Materials:

Suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metal separation, powdery materials, granular materials, mixed materials

Air gravity separator product parameters:

Type Power Total Weight Production capacity
(Kw) (Kg) (Kg/H)
SG600 4.6 300 300-600
SG800 5.5 500 600-800
SG1000 7.5 800 800-1000
SG1200 11 1000 1000-1200

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