Electrostatic Separator

  •  High efficiency, separation effect up to 99%.

  • The unit energy consumption per ton of used circuit boards is only about 1/2 of that of domestic similar products; the processing capacity of complete sets of equipment is as high as 1 ton per hour.

  • Less labor, can be automated.

  • Small footprint. The equipment is flexible.

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electrostatic separation
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 Electrostatic separation product description:

 The electrostatic separator is also called electrostatic separator.  electrostatic separator can realize the function of sorting and extracting materials twice in one device. It can make metal sort twice and plastic sort twice. , The purity is higher. High-voltage electrostatic separators are commonly used in metal and non-metal recycling projects such as waste circuit board recycling equipment, waste wire and cable recycling equipment, aluminum-plastic sorting recycling equipment, etc. The equipment has low energy consumption, low noise, and high output. Environmentally friendly without dust.

    For different materials, you can choose to use different electrostatic separator specifications. Our factory can now produce single-roller, double-roller, three-roller, six-roller and multi-roller parallel electrostatic separators. According to the customer's requirements for material extraction components, purity, output, etc., we can make compatible electrostatic separators.

Electrostatic separator for mineral product parameters:

Model specifications Power Output Switchboard size Weight
(kw) (kg/h) (M) (T)
SG-1000 3.1 100 1.5x1.2x2.5 0.8
SG-1200 3.5 200 1.8x1.5x3.2 1.2
SG-1500 4.6 300 2.2x1.5x3.3 2
SG-1800 4.8 400 2.5x1.6x3.3 2.5
SG-2000 5.5 500 2.7x1.6x4.3 3.2
SG-2500 7.5 800 3.2x1.6x4.3 3.8
SG-3000 11.1 1000 3.6x1.8x4.3 4

High Tension Electrostatic Separator Applied Materials:

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