Pcb Dismantling Machine

  • Two types of electric heating liquefied gas heating are used. The internal temperature is controlled at about 150°C to loosen the tin on the circuit board. As the dismantling machine rotates, it rubs against the circuit board. Friction with the cylinder wall, the electronic components fall off with the operation of the host.

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Circuit Board Decomposition Equipment
Circuit Board Decomposition Equipment pcb dismantling machine pcb separator separation machine

Circuit board decomposition equipment product description:

Scrap PCB Circuit Mother Board Dismantling Machine is used to remove the electronic components on different PCB boards, The drumar made of 6mm thickness #45 steel and its own special technology, which have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, safety and reliable, stable performance, high precision, durability.

Circuit board decomposition equipment product parameters:

Device Name Model Power(kw) Number of pieces (sets)
Circuit board disassembly machine 400 1.5+0.37 1
Fume hood 400   1
Water spray tower 1200 2.2 1
Activated carbon adsorption box 1800   1
Plasma purifier 1200 1.2 1
Induced draft fan 400 3 1
Dust removal port     1

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