Ding Shuo lithium battery recycling machinery 4 steps to recycle lithium batteries

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Lithium battery recycling equipment is now recycling machinery in the revenue prospects of very high choice, processing of used lithium batteries process is as follows:
1. waste lithium battery --- discharge treatment --- lithium battery recycling equipment disassembly --- high temperature cracking --- crushing --- sieving machine --- positive and negative electrode diaphragm mixture and powder separation --- 70% of the powder is collected here to complete.  
2. Positive and negative electrode diaphragm mix --- into the air separator --- diaphragm extraction --- rotary vibrating screen --- diaphragm powder separation --- powder attached to the diaphragm is collected here to complete.
3. Positive and negative electrode sheet materials --- crushed agglomerates --- rotary vibrating screen --- powder and positive and negative electrode copper and aluminium separation --- powder collection --- remaining copper and aluminium materials --- air flow sorter --- copper and aluminium separation.
4. Dust removal pipeline for the whole process --- residual powder material inhaled --- powder settling device --- powder material from the dust removal pipeline is collected centrally.

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