Is the used lithium-ion battery recycling industry profitable?

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Scrap lithium battery dismantling and recycling is currently a dark horse in the recycling equipment industry. With the rapid popularity of electronic technology products as well as continuous renewal, a large number of waste lithium batteries scrapped and retired. Waste lithium battery dismantling recycling processing industry, can be recycled and reuse of waste lithium batteries, to avoid the pollution and destruction of the ecological environment. It can recycle and reuse the metal resources of used lithium batteries.

       Scrap lithium battery dismantling and recycling industry has a good economic value. Waste lithium batteries contain many rare metals, such as: lithium, cobalt, nickel, copper, aluminium, graphite powder and other metal materials. The rapid rise of the lithium battery production industry has also caused a shortage of resources. It can improve the recycling and reuse of resources. Therefore, the waste lithium battery dismantling and recycling industry provides creates a circular economy and promotes the development of circular economy.
Is the waste lithium-ion battery dismantling and recycling industry good?
       The process of waste lithium battery recycling equipment includes: discharge, dismantling, crushing, shredding, separation, recycling and other processes. Firstly, the waste battery shell and internal electric core are separated. Lithium battery dismantling technology through dry physical mechanical method and wet metallurgy. The separated valuable metals are recycled and reused.

       Waste lithium batteries are solid waste, and through the recycling of waste lithium batteries, they can make a double contribution to the environment and the economy. Therefore, it plays a positive role in promoting the recycling and reuse of resources. According to statistics, the number of used lithium batteries will double in the future. In the next few years, the lithium battery recycling industry will also enter the wind and achieve greater economic value.