Safe And Environmentally Friendly Waste Lithium Battery Treatment Technology And Equipment

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Waste lithium batteries can be recycled, the answer is undoubtedly, now the development of lithium batteries and lithium battery recycling industry is getting better and better, but some individuals do lithium battery project is still difficult to carry out the planning of the processing, and so on and so forth, it is very detrimental to environmental protection, in order to build and create environmentally friendly waste lithium battery processing equipment, Ruisek Ltd. to vigorously develop the series of lithium battery processing equipment, the economic industry line. At the same time, many waste lithium battery raw materials, lithium battery positive and negative materials, lithium-ion battery raw material processing and use to reduce the pressure on the environment.
1. In front of the concept of green environmental protection:
Open lithium battery processing equipment, waste lithium battery processing equipment, innovative situation, with a solid collection of environmentally friendly technology and ideas to better meet the demand for waste lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, waste battery materials processing and recycling.
2. In the quality of automation and intelligence:
Lithium battery processing equipment integration of automatic and and intelligent technology, in the quality of quality control, Ruisek technology department + quality department + quality inspection department of the three departments together for the lithium battery recycling project services, accumulation of experience in the layers of experience, exercise and growth in practice, and now a set of non-polluting lithium battery processing equipment production line to provide a visit to the service.
3. In the context of lithium cobalt metal:
In the context of lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate metal resources, through the physical processing technology of waste lithium battery treatment equipment, can meet its copper and aluminium metal, precious metals (black powder), plastic diaphragm material recovery, the key waste for resource utilization, waste lithium battery treatment technology equipment for the green has been implemented.
At present, we still face many problems of e-waste solid waste resource pollution. E-waste solid waste resource pollution due to its own decentralisation, uncertainty, lagging and other characteristics, governance, regulation is difficult and more demanding. Resource utilization is the main way to reduce e-waste waste pollution, strong and effective realization of e-waste resource utilization has become the supply of products we need and the direction of technological development, lithium battery processing equipment in addition to the waste tyre processing equipment, circuit board recycling equipment, aluminium-plastic separation equipment, copper rice mill, e-waste treatment equipment is also environmentally friendly resourceful recycling equipment form.