What lithium batteries can be treated by the waste lithium battery recycling and treatment equipment?

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The waste lithium battery recycling equipment is mainly used to treat all kinds of waste lithium batteries. For example, the types of waste lithium batteries that can be processed are: waste ternary lithium batteries, waste cylindrical lithium batteries, waste 18650 lithium batteries, waste soft pack lithium batteries, waste steel shell lithium batteries and so on. The equipment production line is mainly used to dismantle and separate the positive and negative electrode materials of lithium batteries through the process of dismantling and crushing, so that the secondary use of resources in the waste lithium batteries can be recovered.

The crushing and separation technology of the used lithium battery recycling equipment firstly crushes and separates the lithium battery materials such as cylindrical, hard shell and soft pack that have been scrapped firstly, and then the shell of the used lithium battery is sorted. Then the crusher will crush the coarse broken materials, and the analyzer will separate the crushed materials by sorting. The role of the induced draft fan is to collect the graphite powder after sorting by the wind sorting system, and the collector is to collect and discharge the dust from the induced draft fan. The pulse purifier, also known as the air purifier, is to purify the dust from the entire production line. The classifier sieves the material to be sorted in the analyser, mainly to sort out the beaten metal. The air flow sorting machine is the sorting sieve has been screened fine material for grading in the sorting. After making the separated metal material cleaner. In layman's terms, that is, the airflow sorting machine determines the purity of copper and aluminium in the process technology to form a circular mode device system.

Waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment can also be called lithium battery crushing and separation equipment, lithium battery powdering machine, waste lithium battery dismantling and de-powdering equipment and so on. The control of the equipment is PLC frequency conversion technology, the whole process is fully automated transport and connection, but also designed to monitor the system and the total control system, can be better and more convenient conducive to the detection and manipulation of the entire production line and more stable crushing and separation of waste lithium battery recycling process operation, the end, so that metal resources can meet the standards of recycling.