What conditions are met by lithium battery recycling and treatment equipment?

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Lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries and dry batteries in the battery industry are different, although the same belongs to the battery industry waste battery materials, but compared to the recycling significance of lithium batteries and regeneration value is higher, more favourable, compared to, but also has more advantages.
Condition 1: Protective devices and cooling devices for primary crushing.
Condition 2: Disposal and collection of binder material
Condition 3: Physical layering disposal technology for diaphragm materials
Condition 4: Magnetic separation and wind selection process of positive and negative electrode materials are completed.
Basic process of lithium battery recycling equipment:
Starting from the rough breaking process to the crushing of volatile electrolyte, after the failure of the binder, the shell will be magnetic separation, magnetic separation of positive and negative electrode materials to the copper and aluminium metal materials for wind selection, specific gravity screening, screening of copper and aluminium metal purity of more than 99%.
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