Why Choose Copper Rice Machine For Wire Crushing And Separation?

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    The development trend and development of copper rice machine is also due to the country's increasingly strict grasp of environmental protection, environmental protection governance is increasingly heavy, so there will be such machinery and equipment. Copper rice machine is specifically for abandoned household wires, including waste recycling stations to collect abandoned household wires, engineering waste cables, dismantled car sheathing lines, and other kinds of cable and wire production and processing, so as to separate out and extract the copper or aluminum core, in order to achieve the purpose of selling copper cores or plastic wire skin to earn a profit. In this process there is no air pollution, no water pollution. Because all the finished copper cores are the size of a grain of rice, the machine is called a copper rice machine.
    In short, the copper rice machine is a wire crusher, the purpose of which is to produce a variety of discarded household wires, dismantled car line crushing process, to extract the copper. Copper rice machine specific green environmental protection is how to do? Only the basic principles of understanding a clear, natural to figure out the actual use of this machine and equipment performance and actual results. We know that the incineration of electrical wires to obtain copper, there will be a lot of pollution fumes floating out, so how is the production of dry copper rice machine processing?
    The principle is: the use of Kor speed crusher will be quickly cut off the cable and wire, and then it will be broken to a state of very small particles, through the physical method of high frequency vibration to separate the two different specific gravity of the material. As we all know, the copper in the wire has a high specific gravity, while the wire skin is made of plastic and has a very small specific gravity. The two materials can be separated cleanly by constant light vibrations, and the effect of separating the copper core in the wire can be achieved without any pollution.

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