Ternary lithium-ion battery shredding and recycling equipment-Waste lithium battery treatment equipment

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In recent years, under the influence of national policy support and soaring oil prices, sales of new energy vehicles have continued to reach record highs. Rising demand for power batteries has pushed the prices of battery raw materials skyrocketing. The recycling of resources can alleviate the current problem of oversupply of raw materials and enable the sustainable and healthy development of China's new energy vehicle industry, which is of great significance.

The recycling of power lithium batteries meets the demands of environmental protection, because the random disposal of used lithium batteries will cause pollution of land resources, water resources and other ecological environment, thus endangering the health of human beings. On the other hand, the national policy encourages the recycling of used lithium batteries, because at this stage, China mainly relies on foreign imports of lithium metal, the resource-based treatment of used lithium batteries can alleviate the dependence on foreign imports.

Lithium battery recycling treatment process is: first of all, the battery will be anti-electricity treatment, and then the discharged battery will be crushed and processed, the remaining lithium battery fragments will be imported into the grinding sieve through the shaking sieve, further grinding and refining into lithium battery powder through the grinding sieve, the black powder, copper and aluminum will be sorted out through the rotary sieve for rotary separation, and the remaining lithium battery powder will be sorted through the jigger to separate the remaining copper and aluminum.

Recycling used lithium batteries has a high economic value, lithium battery recycling market space is huge, but also reminds us to regulate the recycling industry, enterprises must have certain qualifications before recycling and processing, in addition to the establishment of a systematic recycling process to ensure the supply of used lithium batteries to ensure the healthy development of the lithium electrical recycling industry.

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