Scrap Copper Aluminum Radiator Sorting Machine

  • Dust removal efficiency: ≥99.9%

  • Iron separation efficiency: ≥99%

  • Copper and aluminum separation efficiency: >98%

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Copper And Aluminum Water Tank Crusher Machine
Copper And Aluminum Water Tank Crusher Machine Copper And Aluminum Water Tank Crusher Machine

Copper And Aluminum Water Tank Crusher Machine Product Description:

The new copper-aluminum water tank crushing and separation production line of waste air-conditioning radiator copper-aluminum separator is to recycle the copper-aluminum radiators dismantled from air-conditioners, generators, etc., and sort out the copper, iron, and aluminum among them. The radiator copper and aluminum water tank crushing and separation equipment is a combination of a series of equipment such as shredders, vertical composite crushers, magnetic separators, air separators, specific gravity separators, etc., to recover copper, iron, and iron in the radiator. aluminum. The radiator is put into the shredder, the shredded material is separated into iron by the magnetic separator, and then the remaining material enters the pulverizing system, and the pulverized material passes through the sorting system to separate copper and aluminum. The equipment is equipped with covered dust removal equipment, and the entire recycling process is clean and pollution-free. The separation rate of copper>98%, the separation rate of iron>99%, the separation rate of aluminum>98%.

Aluminum plastic separator plant process flow:

Scrap aluminum plastic separator process flow:

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