Scrap Motor Rotor Recycling Machine

  • In order to recover a large amount of scrap metal copper in scrap motor rotor, professional scrap motor rotor recycling machine is necessary.

  • Scrap motor rotor recycling plant is a combination of heavy metal crushers, strong magnetic separators, copper wire recycling machine and other equipment to recover copper and iron in waste motor rotors.

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Scrap motor rotor recycling line

Motor recycling equipment product description:

The machine can handle the waste motor rotor, after processing the machine, you can get pure copper, iron, aluminum.

Scrap rotor recycling production line including metal crusher,conveyor belt, magnetic separator, gravity sorter, dust removal device, etc.

Scrap rotor recycling working principle:

When the crusher is working, the rotor rotates at a high speed under the drive of the motor. After the crushed material enters the crushing cavity, it is hit, collided, sheared and shredded at high speed by the wear-resistant hammers on the rotor in the process of falling. Crushed by rubbing and impact, rust, paint and other debris are gradually peeled off and discharged from the discharge port at the lower end; the crushed mixture is passed through a conveyor and a magnetic separator, and the silicon steel sheets and copper (aluminum) are sorted and stacked.

NO. Machine Name Function Quantity
1 Belt Conveyor Conveyor raw material to the vertical hammer crusher 2
2 Vertical Hammer Crusher Control the size of the finished product by the speed of the machine and the density of the hammer 1
3 Dust Collector Dust collection and removal 1
4 Magnetic Separator Sorted iron 1
5 Magnetic Separator Separating copper and aluminum 1

Electric motor recycling machine workflow:


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